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Detroit, United States
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I am a lady of high principles,though I laugh a lot and make others laugh too.I am a pretty young lady ,going by the number of compliments I get in a day,I do not mean to be proud. I have an athletic and fair body. I am 5ft 4inches tall. I like maintaining physical fitness. I believe so much in honesty,openness and transparency.I am a good cook,and I enjoy preparing some Italian recipes.I am highly romantic.I like engaging in a very long kiss,though only with the right person. I am here for a very serious relationship void of game playing and unseriousness. I was skeptical about online dating,until I got testimonies from some successful people.I so much believe in eyeball to eyeball,flesh to flesh kind of relationship. Before I registered here,I vowed,that I would not remain here for ages,searching for a partner.No,it wont happen,because I am always a busy lady. I believe in the supremacy of God,but I am not a religious type. I don't smoke,but I drink occasionally. I am an extremely neat person,and I like staying in a tidy environment

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