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I AM BUT A DREAM . If there be but words to define the Life stirring with in my heart. How i say. These words shall only be. but a glance of a dream. A light soft brush of lovers crossing lips. As the most gentle glide of feathers. which can only be that of angels. -I AM David- .......... how i wonder on the moments when my heart does stir. what sweet life desiring to be herd. how with every breath another day returns. binded by a torment only freedom will cure..I love writing poetry. I write what comes from with-in. Doing my best to hold on to every bit of love and light. I can find in the depth of my heart. I am a very spiritual person. One of those men who since child hood . Has been lost in the world of virtue and knightly morals. I love philosophy and ancient wisdom. Marcus Aurelius and any thing else written and expressed in the Spirituality of nature . I am a different type of man. One who has open eyes in the Lives we live. Who strives to be above the negative way of lives we live. Finding such joy in a smile and warmth of heart. Lost in the pursuit of love and happiness. For there is nothing greater or worth more to posses. Not money, power, and things of no value. I am so far from a materialistic person . Even shunning and becoming truly sick at even the thought of Lessening how I act as a man . To that of a Dog who barks at every woman who walks by and Finding such vein joy in humping every leg it can find . Let me not be full of myself. I just truly wish for you to know that I will be a friend worth having. That I will seek for your smile and never let you down in what I am expected as a man. Dont worry about your english . ......... . MY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IT SEEMS I AM HERE ONCE AGAIN . DOING MY BEST TO EXPRESS AND EXPLAIN, THE BEST I CAN . WHAT MY HEART SEEMS SO UNABLE, TO UTTER PERFECTLY WITH OUT THE HELP OF MY HAND . I HOPE YOU TRULY FORGIVE ME AND THINK NOT LESS OF ME. FOR BEFORE SUCH A ANGEL, MY WORDS CAN NOT HELP. BUT TO BE LOST IN SUCH BEAUTY . WITH A HEART, THAT HAS KNOWN TO LITTLE OF LOVE AND TO BIG OF PAIN . IT IS BEYOND DIFFICULT, TO EXPRESS MY HEART TO YOU . AND NOT KNOWING LOVE OR TRUE WARMTH FOR THE FOUR YEARS I HAVE, MAKES ME BEYOND LOST AND UNAWARE OF WHAT I SHOULD BE . IT IS LIKE I AM A CHILD WITH A GOOD MANS HEART, LONGING AND UNABLE TO BE. THIS IS THE VERY REASON WHY I AM WRITING MY HEARTS PLEA . FOR SO LONG HAS IT BEEN, SINCE MY HEART HAS KNOWN SUCH DAYS . IT IS AS IF, THIS VERY REALITY . BINDS ME TO LIVE LIFE'S PAINFUL DESTINY . HOW I PLEA, FOR YOU TO SEE . IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE GOOD MAN AND GOOD HEART I LIVE TO BE. BUT ONLY CAUSES ME TO STUMBLE AND EVEN MAKES ME HARD TO SEE . HOW I APO LIGIZE . HOW I FEEL LIKE A HELPLESS FOOL . HOW IT SADDENS ME, FOR I CAN NOT HELP . HOW THIS CRUEL LIFE HAS TWISTED ME. HOW I DESIRE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND . THIS IS ALL LIKE NEW TO ME . HOW I ASK YOU TO SEE PAST A GOOD MANS INNOCENT REALITY . SEE MY GOOD HEART . AND LET IT NOT FADE FROM THEE. I SAY, HAVE MERCY ON THY ATTEMPTS . TO BE THY HEARTS EVERY WISH TO BE . FOR I SHALL NOT LET, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STAR . FADE AS I REACH FOR MY HEARTS DREAM. I SAY, I SHALL NOT TROUBLE YOU ANYMORE. THIS IS THY HEARTS FINAL PLEA . FOR LIKE A BEAUTIFUL ROSE . BRUISED BY TO STRONG A TOUCH, I SHALL NOT BE . BUT GENTLE WHISPERS AND QUIET DREAMS . LESS THY HEART SHOULD SEEK MORE OF ME . THOU WE MAY NOT KNOW THE FUTURE WE DO CHOOSE WHAT IT WILL BE THY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL AND THY HEARTS WARMTH IS THE CHOICE OF A FUTURE I MAKE FOR A GOOD MANS PERFECT DREAM. TO THY NEXT BEAUTIFUL SMILE MUCH LOVE DAVID .............. a breath of life, the wounded soul does find, light to behold in the darkest night, who am i, but a prince with broken wings awaiting its flight. .......................... . could i be so provoked dear soul . To flow forth from my heart words of beauty and poetic warmth . Should I be so foolish as to dismiss reason for pride . To attempt vein and cold glamour for show . Who am i but a lion amongst sheep and wolves . Oh i am a lion dear soul . In the light roaring into the darkness is where you shall find I . ........................ Be not a fading light. With in thy Heart, Vanity unknown. Playing in Darkness, Domain never holds. No children dance. No angels sing. How i beseech. Saints pray, For all eyes to see. God is the source, Which all life does flow. Love is light, All hearts do know. Soul is the essence, Of our eternal whole. Life is written, To live and grow. The forever sought author, The mirror will show. Heaven is domain, Always will it hold. Hence the struggle of man, To better and return home. Let there be no question, For the door is shown. Heart is the answer, There God will be known. -I AM DAVID

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