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Bristol, United Kingdom
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I am an intelligent, friendly, attractive, sensitive man with a great personality (I would say that obviously). I have a strong sense of humour which is always (OK usually) appropriate - never the clown or performing seal. Generally people find me to be good company - fun to be with and a good conversationalist.

I have a good and active social life, but don't seem to meet interesting women with whom I click. My working environment is very male oriented which dominates my social life to an extent. I don't want to sound like the subject of a song by The Smiths, but I know there is somebody out there who could be the other part of a very happy couple (bit melodramatic I know).

My life is going well (good career, friends I really like, kick ass daughter) and overall I am happy, however at the moment it just isn't complete. That's where you come in....

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