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Hi everyone mt name is Bernie.I have a 4 year old son.I enjoy playing with my son hanging out with friends and just all around having a good time.I am a roofer foreman for my friends company.I am always game for having fun.I am really easy for people to get along with and I give everyone a fair chance.If u have any Questions for me feel free to just ask.

I am 5 foot 8 inches I way 167 lbs.My hair is long on the top with the sides and back shaved.I have tattoos.I think that my best feature is my attitude.I clothing just depends on what i am doing that day.If iam going to work i wear my bad clothes im i am going to hang out i wear my nice clothes so i dont look like a slob.

I dont like liars.I dont want someone who is going to treat me like crap.I dont like lazy people who have no wants in their lives.And you must love yourself.I want someone who is a nice person easy to get along with,but isn't scared to stand up for their self.I prefer someone who takes care of their body and dont just lay around all day on the couch.The person I am with can have their own interest hobbies I am not a controling person.If you have any Questions feel free to ask.

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