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My most liked hobby it to collect pictures with images of celebrities.
Basically it is actors from Hollywood, singers from screens TV. Very much I love
pictures of stars the Russian cinema and platform. I take a great interest
in it already very much for a long time. To me was 14 years, when I began to
save it figures. When I was the teenager at me all room was decorated with figures.

I the elementary girl, To me speak, that I beautiful,
But I estimate quality more,
Which at me to be in depth of soul,
I understand I listen always close to me persons.
As I appreciate honesty and sincerity in the person.

I perfectly know, that life it not a fairy tale and that in life much
It is more difficult to find the prince on a flying white horse. And still I believe in
The happiness that there is on the ground such person who might me
To understand and trust in all senses of this word. I realize,
That the world not without kind people and I a meeting and to find the happiness.

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