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Auburn, United States
Seeking Russian pen pals
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I am a lonely, honest, physically strong man who has never had an intimate relationship. I enjoy many different activities, but since I have no one to share them with, they have little meaning to me right now. I have no friends and only 1 family member.
I am not wealthy, but I make a good enough living to enjoy some minor luxuries.

I am very muscular, almost a body builder level, and in good shape. I am bald, but I pull my long hair back in a pony tail behind my head. I have never worn formal atire, and dress to be practicle. Most of my body is covered in hair.

I am looking for my soul mate, a beautiful woman I can love and will love me back. Someone who is honest and enjoys my company. She should be in good physical shape like me, and be adventureous in a relationship.
I will give the right woman my love, my life, and my soul.

BUT be Warned!
Scam artists should not waste time on me, because I will NOT send money.

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