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I consider myself a well-rounded semi-rare female because I am 37 and have never been married and do not yet have children. I grew up on the Eastside, went to school here locally and am very close to my family. I am done with the game playing, did the night scene but still have a rebellious but gentle side of me. People sometimes consider me too nice but there is no other way to be. I am nice yet firm in my beliefs and my communication. I tend to be a bit stubborn or slower to let people in but I am extremely warm and playful. Some call my mysterious. I call it self-aware and slow to move but definite in my decisions.

I am almost 5'6 and have a slender figure, generous in the chest and have what most consider a nice ass. I tend to wear my hair up a lot but straight when down and on casual days you can find me in a baseball hat. My dress seems unique to most but I love blue jeans and t-shirts and I love mini-skirts, heels and dresses on the right occasion. I don't like to wear much in the Summertime and I get really cold in the Winter so have a coat fetish :)

I prefer someone who is extremely comfortable in their shoes, has been through it, gets that it's about treating others with kindness and respect after you learn to do that yourself. I want to be treated like a woman with romance, love and friendship and want to treat someone exactly the same. There are no greener pastures...there is only who you are with in the present moment. Get it out in the beginning whether it is going to be a commitment or a casual relationship then have fun from there. No games, no love. Minimize the ego and see life for what It truly has to offer. Yoga always. Physically fit a must. Appearance -- sexy, handsome, hot and gentle. Warm, love animals and family, people and pleasure. I would prefer someone live within the Washington area. Travel is huge. Sharing warm nights at the winery or cold nights in a local hotel listening to piano and dining well. I really must say that I want to be with someone who is a life-long learner but not so stuck on it that there is no room for fun. Fun is important. And there must be time for seriousness and seeing the big picture.

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