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So, I am... To tell you a truth, now i feel a bit embarrassed, because its not easy to speak about myself and i just dont know what you want to know about me? I am just an usual girl, who wants no more no less, but to be happy in the tender arms of my beloved man!!! You know, I think that life without love is empty and grey and with every cell of my being I feel that my life lacks of something very important and very special in it. Though I think it would be right to say someone important and special. I need my special person to forget this emptiness...May be i need you??? If you feel that you could become such person for me, then please write to me right off the bat :) I will wait!!!!!

I like different kinds of sport, most of all I like aerobics, swimming, because I think that is good kind of sport can help me to maintain the health. I like dancing and listen to music. Also I like to read interesting books, most of all I like detective stories; it is very interesting and catching. I like movies, most of all I like melodramas and comedies.

So, you are... Just dont know what I want you are to be... I want my special person will be a man, first!!! I need to feel warm and protected in his arms, I want to love him for his little lacks, I dont need a perfection, I just need to be with serious and responsibable person who are ready to do the ordinary things in extraordinary way!!! Hope you are just a person whom I was waiting for all my life!!!:)

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