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I am a marriage minded man looking for a wife.I like the nature, very kind and horny, love to kiss my wife all the time and all over her body at home....I have never married and do not have kids but love to have a baby from my beloved one.

I was very handsome when i was young.(sh1_mj@yahoo.com)

A white woman, above 167 cm, above 65 kg, voluptuous, with a very white skin, without kids, tattoos, who has never had sex with non-white men, NOT a stripper, dancer, photo model, actress, slut, scort and so on, even for one time or for a short period of time. A busty woman with big boobs and thick legs, sexy nd feminine, shy from a good family for marriage and to be the mother of my future kids...(sh1_mj@yahoo.com)

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