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My name is Pretty powell and i love spendingh my time at work and whenever am on holiday so i love to be in the beach too.I love readings and going to have some funs with my friends whenever time allowed me,i also work as a Medic for a company because of the career i used.I was born in a family of alone and mom and dad are also doing great,i was born and raised up in baltimore in maryland.

I am 5 by 8 feet and my hair is longer in size,i love my shoulder and my legs because i believe it really the beauty of it all.I love dressing casual and people do tell me they love the way i look whenever am out going.

I want a very serious relationship that will last forever more,i will love to allow someone that is more matured and easy self going.I just want someone that knows what he want and that is all.He can even come from any part of the world.

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