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the most romantic things I love. I would love to go out for dinner and a candle lit dinner of many courses, eating slowly savouring every bite, enjoying lots of long conversation, getting to know each other in every way possible, telling each other our life stories. The soft music and white table cloth and candles and beautiful paintings of the restaurant making our friendship and love beautiful, every moment an exquisite new experience of serene and tranquil pure love (we both know that later this leisurely pace will explode in the hottest hardest passion). Then maybe after dinner go for a coffee at a beach front cafe. Enjoying the casual comfort of sitting outside on a warm summer night, the tourists and locals walking by, lots of couples hand in hand like us. Have a luxurious heavy chocolate dessert, share it and the fork, and let the chocolate and caffeine of the coffee wake us up from the pleasant buzz from our shared glass of wine at dinner. Stare into each others eyes loving the rush of caffeine like the love in each other. You reach over the table and take my hand. Our hands feel so perfect in each others, like twins, and so warm and comfortable and full of love. We feel like we are enveloped in a heaven of bliss, comfort, protection in each others love. Holding hands is like holding our love, treasuring it

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