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The instructions are to write min of 5 lines.. I will return to update this section. A little about myself.. I like nature and domestic pets. I have 2 dogs and like to take walks or hikes in nature. I live in a modern city and I also like city life. I enjoy going to rock concerts in the summer and also travel to new places.

I am tall at approx 188 cm. That\'s about 6\'2\" in english measure. My weight is not fat. I am slim at approx 155lbs. I prefer casual clothing style and am not slave to fashion. However to dress well to go to special party that is welcome a few times a month or year..

O.K. here is what I hope to find. I have interest in Russian culture and have learned some of language. I would like to make friends with Russian or neighboring country. Because I am tall I would like new friend to be min of 166 cm and slim also. Someone that likes similar activities and preferably has blond or dark blond hair with the blue eyes. But even more important they must like domestic pets. My dogs are very friendly and I seek someone that likes house animals.

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