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Dubno, Ukraine
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The very lonely one with the large heart full of hopes for the best. I strongly believe that without love life is nothing, just the empty vessel. But love fills it with all those stars falling from the sky, with all those romantic walks and making dreams, with the first and unforgettable kiss, with the most passionate nights and flying above all the skies together.....

how great it is to dream about all this together with your beloved but not sitting lonely on the bench and shivering because of the cold cause there is noone to warm you up, so maybe it is you who is reading this now the one to warm me up and present me that first sweet kiss and unforgettable nights???????


More than everything I want to meet the man who is able to love and to deep into his feelings fully. I do not care his age, material position, the colour of his eyes or hair. I want you, my dear,to be honest, and reliable, to be careful and attentive, to be passionate and tender, being able to love and to be loved, so where are you my angel??

I am tired of waiting for you for such a long time, please, come down and take me with you into your fairy tail!!??

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