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Well there are alot of things but not one thing superseeds the other. :) I am also honest to a fault so you can ask me anything you want. I am divorced with a daughter and she is my reason for existing and I love her very much, she is 7 and her name is Aspyn and she is my life and my world and noting will ever come before her, Father is defined, in me, as an honor not a right and as such I govern myself with my little girl in mind at ALL times. I am 33 yrs. old (BLAH!) and I work hard in productions and fabrication. I write poetry and love plying civilization, pool, racing, just a whole lot of things (Dancing not to be included! LOL only because I can\'t dance. I am a man with values and direction. I like to do tings spur of the moment when it comes to haveing fun. I like the sound of the rain when it hits. And I ALWAYS stop to smell the flowers. I like racing my stock car and wouldn\'t change it for anything. I write romantic poetry and when I am really sad I cry. I have my strengths and my weaknesses. I am the kind of man that will get into a car wreck and without any concern for myself make sure everyone else is ok, or work a 10 hour shift come home do the yard work, take out the trash, and make sure to sit down and listen to how her day was and still have the energy for her to get 40 min body rub and anouther hour after that for play. \"Sorry honey I am tired\" NEVER has aired from my lips. And if your still reading this I am greatly immpressed as most people are so caught up in looks, (Attraction is a part of life), it seems that everything else takes a side seat....all these women looking for Mr. Right the problem is \"Right\" is not perfection. I will never be \"Mr. Right\" But I am Mr. depedability, Mr. Responsibility, Mr. Father, Mr. Passion, and Whole heartedly Mr. OH MY GOD PLEASE DON\'T STOP! And then before I go to sleep say thanks to God for every thing I have in my life. NOW after all that? What can I do for YOU today cause I am Dying to make your drems come true! So thats it, pretty much, in a nut shell, and the kind of shell would be walnuts!! LOVE da walnuts LOL. But if words are what truly defines a person, and when there is nothing else to go on, then I leave you with this in parting to think upon as it is me to the core. ONE MOMENT If only for one moment I could touch your face. Or to stand a minute in your warm embrace. If only for one moment I could look into your heart. Or to feel the feeling that we\'re never apart. If only for one momement to see you smile. Or to sit and talk, only for a while. For it only took one moment for me to love you. And to love you the rest of my days. And if for only one moment I could feel the suns rays. For just one moment to break through the rain. For in this moment I want to take your place. Or to be there with you in god\'s embrace. And for only this moment I will say goodbye to sit in sorrow and to softly cry. For in this moment I have lost my life. A son A husband, A daughter, A wife. So remember the moments from now till then. the memories you make brings a smile in the end. Only one moment one life to live. Is it to much to ask for one moment to give? I wrote it long ago but thats another story. Favorite lines of mine would be............... \"If everyone cared and nobody cried .....if everyone loved and nobody lied...... if everyone shared and swallowed their pride then we\'ve seen the day where nobody died\" \"Amen I, I\'m Alive\" Life is to short Live it Daniel W. Hoppe

Well if you would like ask me and I have alot of pictures to send! :-) I work as a welder/Fabricator for a company that builds and repairs oil field equipment so I work with HEAVY steel 11 hours a day. now after that what else would I look like except fit and good muscle tone! :-)

I guess what I would really like to find is that one person that will not try to change me and just accept all my faults with the good. It\'s hard in a world where people have forgotten the old values of how the idea of what a relationship between a woman and a man was really supposed to be. To pledge yourself before God to be there for one person means just that. Now what kind of person are you when you break that??

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