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Nadiaa1, 19890607, Orange Walk, Orange Walk, Belize
Orange Walk, Orange Walk, Belize
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Single woman
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Will be found to find out
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Man, that I can shear my life with
No body is perfect so, sure am not looking for a perfect man.
But we are humans so respect should be key.
Honesty and love.

stefanocaribe, Belize, Belize
Belize, Belize
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Well, what to say? I have two Citizenships, I have my own business, I\'m living on the beach, in front of the most beautiful seas of the Earth surrounded by an unspoiled Supernature with beautiful animals and fishes and plants and with 12 months of Summer a year. Everybody say I\'m a nice guy, smart enough and young and good looking. My hobby is my job, actually two jobs, linked to the international tourism but I also love to write (in Italian...) dancing, running to keep my body in shape and my mind lucid.

I\'m slim but athletic... Clothes? Here on the beach you wear very easy going clothes, T shirts or bath suits and flip flops and tennis shoes. Befor in Italy I was more conservative but here it is definitively impossible!! When I go to the jungle I have to wear strong militar clothes and boots or strong shoes. But a pair of jeans and a shirt are enouth...

I\'m looking for a beautiful woman, honest, any religion, good heart, smart enough and not a gold digger who wants to change definitively her life wishing to live in a beautiful unspoiled Country with a smart guy who only wants to enjoy his life sharing it with her.

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