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nicefrenchgurl, Mannheim, Germany
Mannheim, Germany
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I work on the French/German border and often drive to Ktown and Lansthul hospital for charity purposes with the US military. I like water sports, to be honest I am a size 18 due to an accident, but am now able to exercise regularly again . Motorcycling is one of my passions and I want to get the driving licence. In between my work, working out, and taking care of my pets or redoing the appartment, I try to find time to visit my friends.
You can find me at the smiley guy

I might be on the chubby side, but I try to be as feminine as possible. Looks (that were given to one\'s by nature) don\'t count, but what one\'s doing with them does. You cannot deny it. I need to dress for work and just love to jump into more casual clothes on my time off.

I am looking for a nice guy in the military, because even though I am aware it is a tough life lying ahead, from my experience this is where my heart goes. I am an outgoing person, generous caring but very independant. I would love to meet a man who loves pets and would accept mine. I\'d love to walk my dog with the man of my dreams, holding hands ( my man and I lol), going window shopping or shopping for furniture (that\'s the real personality test !). someone who won\'t deny his tender side, who won\'t be afraid of shedding a tear or watching romantic comedies with me...

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