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alexxandru, Suceava, Romania
Suceava, Romania
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I am a very nice guy, very understanding, carrying and romantic. My hobby is driving speed cars. I like to have honest friends who respect me and want to be around me. I love my parents and my brother. They love me, too. I grew up in Suceava, Romania. I worked at Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, Wyoming, USA as the administrative assistant. I just got back from the States.

I am 172 cm tall. My eyes are blue and I am athletic/fit. I practiced 10 years of martial arts - quan ki do. My hair is short at the moment.I think that I am a good looking guy, attractive, but I don't want to praise myself too much. My clothing style is based on the occasion, but I usuallu like to wear nice clothes, modern and confortable.

I am looking for a nice girl who wants marriage. She needs to share her needs with mine and to be a good girl, romantic, nice, dependable, truthfull, modest. It doesn't really matter where she leaves if she is the right person for me, but to make a pick, let's say I would prefer her to live in the US.

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