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I am divorced, with grown children and a grand child. Very fit, healthy. Loyal, strong. Kind, intelligent. Looking for a woman for marriage. I have very healthy and active life (hiking, exercise), looking for a fit and active woman. Healthy eating, limited alcohol (not opposed to a drink or a fine wine, I just limit the amounts). Very focused on family, expecting to have that respected as I will respect your desire to have a strong family connection. If you move to the US, this would mean helping you visit home at least once a year, or as possible. While in my 50's, I have the sex drive of a much younger man. I prefer a woman who wants to both please her husband as well as be pleased by her loving husband. While I am considering all ages, if you have reached the point where sex is not interesting to you, we would not be a fit. I am however monogamous by nature, kind and giving of intimacy. I am looking for only one woman in my life, to treat as my queen. Marriage is the goal. Children (by us) is possible, but not required. Your children would be welcomed by me as my own. Your parents as an extension of my own family.

Write if you are real. No picture is needed. Tell me what you want. Tell me your dream man. If you are of a different age than I, tell me how we can make the age difference work. We can exchange some emails before we exchange pictures, etc..

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