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Let me start by saying that I find writing about myself difficult at best. I am a committed Christian first and foremost. Not A church guy but a dedicated Christian. My heart is to love and reach out to those that are outcast and the churches don't want. I find myself single and available not by choice. I bought an RV a couple of months ago and would like to travel and see our National Parks. I want my life to count for Christ. I'm looking for a special woman that could love me and our Lord for the remainder of our lives. I want to live a simple life with a woman I deeply love and that could love me for who I am. I am passionate, kind, love dogs, sensual, and a hopeless romantic. If you can forgive often, love with all your heart, are gentle, and kind, and wants to give yourself completely to one man… I'm your guy!!

I'm looking for that one special woman that is emotionally available to make a lifelong commitment. I want to find someone that could love me for me. If I fall in love with you I fall hard. I really want a woman who is willing to place our relationship as her top priority outside of Christ. I've made more mistakes than all of us combined. It's OK if you've made a lot of mistakes in your past. My heart is to invest the time and to create a deep intimate relationship. I love holding hands, gentle touches, long walks or bike rides together, and just falling in love everyday with my best friend. If any of this sounds interesting and there's a spark between us, i'd be interested in seeing if there's a chemistry that would spark a lifelong love affair. I'm looking for a woman that can show me what real faithfulness looks like. I usually take the road less traveled! I hope you could take a chance on a very dented knight in tarnished armor and a lame horse...!!

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